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Pavement Studies & Evaluation

The focus of this Amman-based center is to carry out studies and evaluations that determine the functional and structural condition of roads and airport pavement sections, either for purposes of routine monitoring or planned corrective actions. The Pavement Studies & Evaluation RCE has considerable knowledge and experience in pavement evaluation and management including pavement visual rating, destructive and non-destructive evaluation, field and laboratory testing and design of pavement rehabilitation and strengthening.

The scope of services of the Pavement Studies & Evaluation RCE includes:

  • Structural evaluation of pavements.
    • Non-destructive evaluation.
    • Destructive evaluation.
  • Pavement roughness evaluation
    • Roughness (IRI, Ride Number, NAASRA).
    • Longitudinal profiles.
    • Pavement macrotexture (MPD or SMTD).
    • Road safety assessment through digital imagery.
    • Photo logging.
    • Shape files.
  • Road safety evaluation.
  • Pavement condition evaluation.
  • Pavement material testing.
    • Superpave performance based specifications.
      • Rotational viscometer (RV).
      • Dynamic shear rheometer (DSR).
      • Rolling thin film oven (RTFO).
      • Bending beam rheometer (BBR).
      • Pressure aging vessel (PAV).
    • Traditional specific tests.
      • Penetration.
      • Viscosity.
      • Softening point.
      • Ductility.
      • Flash point.
      • RTFP.
      • Distillation.
      • Purity testing.
  • Special services.
    • Structural design of flexible and rigid pavements of highways and airports.
    • Development of pavement maintenance management system.
    • Evaluation of asphalt concrete construction materials and required modifications methods.
    • Conduct highly specialized training courses related to pavement design, construction and evaluation.
    • Solving highly technical problems in areas related to the center’s fields of specialization.

Dr. Ibrahim  Asi
Pavement Studies & Evaluation RCE Manager

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Tel: +962 6 5810777
Fax: +962 6 5812777


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