ACES Senior Employees Third Conference

28 Jun 2018

ACES Senior Employees Third Conference (ACES 2.0 – The Next Horizon) was held at the InterContinental Aqaba Resort and Wadi Rum from 10-12 May 2018. The conference participants included department, technical and operation managers from all ACES branches as well as the Corporate Headquarters (CH) officers, deputy CEOs, and Directors. The conference provided an invaluable opportunity for meeting, exchanging information, enhancing collaboration between branches, group bonding, entrenching ACES culture, and discussing technical, administrative, operational issues. 

Insightful presentations were provided by ACES Directors, Dr. Omar Abdulhadi and Dr. Izz Katkhuda, and the Deputy CEOs, Dr. Naeem Abdulhadi, and Eng. Izzat Katkhuda. The conference also included technical presentations which ran in two concurrent sessions, one for the geotechnical, geophysics and survey topics while the second for the material testing, quality control, and special studies topics. Also, management workshop and strategy discussion sessions were conducted and facilitated by an external management consultant, Eng. Maher Kaddoura.

An enjoyable trip to Wadi Rum took place at the end of the second day and the third day. The team bonding activates included quiz night, camel ride, ice carving and treasure hunt.


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