ACES Dubai Introduces Heat Flow Meter Testing

25 Apr 2018

ACES is pleased to announce to its clients the introduction of the sophisticated Lambda Heat Flow Meter for measuring the thermal properties of construction materials, in compliance with ASTM C518, ISO 8301, JIS A1412, DIN EN 12664 and DIN EN 12667.

Heat flow meters (HFM) are exact, fast and easy-to-use instruments for measuring the thermal conductivity (λ) of low conductivity materials.

Thermal properties of materials such as thermal conductivity/resistance and U value can be determined using the heat flow meter. The equipment is suitable to carry out the test on a range of materials including but not limited to masonry blocks, sandwich panels made of masonry block and polystyrene, PU foam, and AAC blocks. Recently, the thermal conductivity/resistance measurements become an essential parameter for Green Buildings properties.

Heat flow meter testing is available through our offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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