Representatives from Oman Visit ACES Headquarters

15 Nov 2014

Representatives from Oman Municipalities and other governmental agencies in Oman visited ACES corporate headquarters in Amman-Jordan on 23 October 2014. The representatives were accompanied by Eng. Mazen Al-Jilani, expert in roads, bridges and construction material , to learn about ACES experience and discuss possible ways of cooperation with ACES  in Oman. The representatives were welcomed by Dr. Izz Eddin Katkhuda, Partner & Director of ACES.

During the visit, the representatives were given a short presentation on ACES history and range of services, as well as  ACES major achievements and projects in the MENA region including Muscat-Oman. The visitors also observed the some material tests in ACES Amman laboratory including bituminous mixture, soil tests, aggregate tests, and reinforcement tests, among others.

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