Grand Opening of ACES Doha New Buildings

21 Jun 2016

ACES Corporate Headquarters and the Doha Branch are delighted to announce the news of the grand opening of ACES Doha new premises located on Street No. 41, Zone 57, in the industrial area in Doha, Qatar.

The new offices consist of a laboratory building with a 3,000 square meter working area, administrative offices, a workshop and employee accommodations. The new laboratory was designed in such a manner to accommodate future expansion in testing scope is various areas including paint, transformer and lubricant oils, air quality monitoring for both environmental and stack monitoring, among others.

The opening ceremony, which was held in March 2016, was hosted by the branch manager of ACES Doha, Eng. Abdulrahim Sukik. ACES Founders & Directors, Dr. Izz Eddin Katkhuda and Dr. Omar Abdulhadi, along with ACES branch managers and senior staff from the corporate headquarters also attended the event. sdfsdf 2.jpg

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