Drilling Rigs Assembly in ACES Abu Dhabi & ACES Amman

19 Jul 2014

Drilling Rigs Assembly in ACES Abu Dhabi & ACES Amman

Hydraulic Drill Rigs with different capacities are being completely assembled in ACES Abu Dhabi and ACES Amman workshops. Many parts of the drilling rigs are being manufactured in ACES workshops whereas other major genuine quality parts (such as engines and hydraulic pumps) are being outsourced from manufactures in North America and Europe .

The drill rigs were designed and constructed in-house to provide the best practical value to ACES operations for different ground conditions and to facilitate efficient maintenance and operations. The rigs are mounted on pristine trucks and the final product looks impressive. Unique Control Panel and other features were purposely designed and constructed for efficient drilling processes and operations.

It is worth noting that ACES Amman has expanded its workshop area with an additional 150 square meters to have a total of 260 square meters to speed up the assembly process.

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