ACES Riyadh Participated in Symposium and Exhibition

27 Apr 2013
ACES Riyadh Participated in Symposium and Exhibition

In the period from 21 to 23 April 2013, ACES Riyadh manager, Eng. Musa Afaneh, and the senior staff in the office attended a symposium and exhibition entitled “Quality Control Laboratories in Structural projects” under the patronage of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural affairs (MOMRA)  in collaboration with the Council of Ministers of Municipal Affairs in the Gulf Cooperation council. The aim was to improve the quality control cultural and believes in the independent  labs  considered the most  important party in quality control operations. Large number of companies and specialists in this field from Europe, USA and Middle East were invited to present their innovation to exchange experience and discuss modern and smart technologies used in material testing, structural and controlling quality during and after construction.
ACES Riyadh participated in the exhibition to introduce to the visitors the specialized equipment and techniques in geophysical, material, special studies and geotechnical departments, in addition to the direct participation of the quality control department manager, Eng. Essam Hanafy, in describing the methodologies deployed at ACES Riyadh Projects.   

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