ACES Organizes a Series of Geophysical Presentations across Saudi Arabia

21 Apr 2015

A series of presentations were carried out in the past few months by Dr. Hamdan Hamdan (Head of Geophysical Unit in Saudi Arabia) across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the geophysical methods and their applications in geotechnical engineering. Those events were organized by the Saudi Council of Engineers and took place in five cities, namely: Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar, Abha, and Tabouk. Additional presentations will be arranged in Al-Madinah, Najran and Jubail in the next few months.

The presentations gave a brief introduction on near surface geophysics. The basic principles of the most important methods were explained and the applications of these methods in the field of geotechnical engineering were discussed. Examples and case studies from ACES previous projects in the region were also provided.

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