ACES Organizes Leadership Development Training for Senior Staff

24 Nov 2015

ACES has organized an extensive leadership development program for top and middle management through Change Zone, an external training center based in Jordan. The first training session was carried out in Abu Dhabi from 3-5 October 2015 for UAE and Muscat staff. Similar trainings were also conducted in Doha from 6-8 October 2015 for Doha staff, and in Riyadh from 19-21 November 2015 for KSA staff. The total number of attendees in those three locations was in excess of 55 employees.

The program consists of four sessions to be conducted on quarterly basis in the coming year. The first session of the program concentrated on cause and effect planning, designing operational dashboards, and resources management mapping. The training methodology focused on conducting workshops that helps the trainees understand, diagnose, problem solve and improve the work processes in order to implement them directly.

The feedback from the attendees on the first session was positive and the hands-on and practical approach of the trainer was commended. This training was also a good opportunity for the middle and top management from various offices to meet and share experiences and knowledge.

Training in Abu Dhabi

Training in Doha

Training in Riyadh

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