ACES Muscat Completes Site Investigation for Gas and NGL Pipelines Project

18 Jan 2017
ACES Muscat has recently completed the site investigation for natural gas liquid (NGL) and gas pipelines to be constructed along a route from Fahud to Sohar.
The proposed project includes the construction of 14’’ NGL underground pipeline and 32’’ Treated Dry Hydrocarbon Gas underground pipeline with approximate length of 300 Km starting from Fahud (launcher area) to Sohar (receiver area). In addition, there will be a total of 21 numbers of block valve stations (BVS) along the proposed two pipelines. Both pipelines will be installed parallel to the existing 32” gas pipeline in the same row but in separate trenches.
The scope of the investigation consisted of drilling 279 boreholes to 10.0 m depth below the ground surface, excavating 280 test pits down to 2.0m depth, conducting extensive in-situ testing including standard penetration test and field density tests.
The clients is Oman Gas Company (OGC) and the contractor is Punj Lloyd Ltd.
Drill Rig at Project Site
Pipeline route (300km) from Fahud to Sohar
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