ACES Jeddah is Awarded the Development of Jeddah Corniche Project

13 Jun 2016

ACES Jeddah was recently awarded the quality control and material testing for the development of Jeddah Corniche Phase 4 & 5 Project in Saudi Arabia.

The cost of the project is SR 800 million and its length is 4.5 km starting from the Al-Nawras roundabout in South Jeddah up to the corniche crossroads linking Jibreen Bin Al-Harith Street to the north. It includes the establishment of a number of areas giving impressive views of the Red Sea in addition to flat grassy lawns, sitting areas, water fountains, waterfalls and lakes.

ACES Jeddah scope of work in this major project includes setting of a site lab with staff and providing basic and routine testing including compressive strength of concrete, field density test, soil classification and asphalt testing, in addition to performing the special material testing using ACES Jeddah central lab facilities including tensile and bending testing of steel, load test of manhole covers, paint thickness test, among other tests.

The contractor is P.C Marine Services, the subcontractor is Saudi Salco Contracting Co., the consultant is Bernard and the owner is the Municipality of Jeddah. The project duration is 2 years.

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