ACES Holds a Technical Seminar in Madinah – KSA

29 Jun 2016

ACES-Madinah held a technical seminar on 17 May 2016, at Madinah Marriott Hotel to present and discuss the technical issues related to earthworks and backfill materials. This seminar was arranged based on the request of our construction partners in the region of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwara, KSA, as many of the large scale construction projects in the city are faced with challenges regarding earthworks.

In a pleasant atmosphere with more than 100 attendees from government authorities, consultants, and contractors, our Eng. Belal Khamaisah (Head of Materials Department - ACES Riyadh Branch) presented a lecture titled "Earthworks & Engineering Backfill" where he covered aspects such as common standards, field and lab testing methods, and the suitability of excavated material for use as backfill. There was a fruitful interaction and discussion during and after the lecture, which partly continued over dinner.

The seminar and lecture is part of ACES mission to share its knowledge and its commitment to satisfy the needs of its clients.

Photos from Technical seminar

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