ACES Dubai Newly Added Services

20 Jul 2013
  • Flat Plate Dilatometer (Marchetti Dilatometer)

ACES Dubai is pleased to announce that MDT test is now available to be used for direct measurement of in-situ Ed. Further, the MDT can also measure and assess the effects of stress history (normally versus over-consolidated soil) and in-situ lateral pressure coefficient Ko.

  • Horizontal Inclinometer:

Now horizontal inclinometer is available to be used for measurement of foundation settlement. TIME and COST effective Solution! Short and long term monitoring of ground and foundation settlement. 

The instrument is very accurate and provides a settlement profile below the foundation and also cost and time effective.

  • SPT Energy Measurement

Nspt is the most widely used field parameter in any site investigation program.

The interpretation of Nspt requires the application of several correction factors, namely: N1(60)= NF CNCECBCRCSCACBFCC, in which CE is the Energy Correction. This factor which may range from <40% to 100% for modern rigs with auto trip hammer and has great effects on the corrected Nspt value which is to be used for the geotechnical interpretations and analysis.

ACES Dubai has introduced the required system for measuring the SPT Energy Correction so for each specific drill rig and Nspt system, the Energy correction can be measured and updated on regular basis (for example Annually).

Current version of Eurocode states that this measurement is mandatory!


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