ACES Dubai Introduces Marchetti Flat Plate Dilatometer Test (MDT and SMDT)

31 Aug 2013

Geotechnical Engineers at ACES have always hoped to have accurate in-situ measurements of soil modulus of deformation, which is considered as the most important soil parameter.
ACES Dubai is pleased to announce that MDT test is now available to be used for direct measurement of in‐situ Ed. Further, the MDT can also measure and assess the effects of stress history (normally vs over‐consolidated soil) and in‐situ lateral pressure coefficient Ko.
In‐situ measurement of shear wave velocity is another important advantage of SMDT. Applications of SMDT include: Foundation settlement, liquefaction (Vs or Kd‐based), slope stability, etc.. The test is recognized and Standardized by: ASTM D6635 (2007), Eurocode 7, Part 2 (2007), and ISSMGE ‐ TC16 ‐ Report (2001). Much more information is available about the merits of this new method.

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