ACES Dubai Introduces Instrument to Measure In-Situ Modulus of Soil Deformation

15 Jun 2013

ACES Dubai is pleased to announce that it has introduced a robust, time and cost effective method / instrument to directly measure the in-situ modulus of deformation of soils. Further, measurement of shear wave velocity is also included as an option.

The result will include a 20cm interval Ed profile and Ko profile in addition to Vs profile if required.

Please refer to below schematic presentation on the instrument. The below links provide further information on the test and interpretations.

The instrument is widely used in almost all regions worldwide including USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and so on.  ACES Dubai is pleased to bring it to this important region.

1. General Description of the DMT and SDMT – components and applications

2. Liquefaction assessment by SDMT

3. Report of ISSMGE – Ground property characterization from In- Situ testing 2001


4. Literature publications: Several papers

ACES Dubai staff including Senior Geotechnical Engineer has been trained directly by M/S Marchetti on field and theory of the instrument operations, and is having a close technical back up by them if required.

ACES Dubai will be very pleased to provide any further information and clarification including any presentations in your place.

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