ACES Dubai Completes Fujairah Quarry Investigation with 250m Deep borehole

12 Jul 2016

The Dubai branch of the Jordan based Arab Center for Engineering Studies (ACES) is pleased to announce that it has recently completed a challenging site investigation project in the hills of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. The investigation was carried out for a quarry site located at the top of a hill at an elevation of 400m within the Hajar Mountain area.

The scope of the investigation consisted of drilling of 30 boreholes to depths ranging from 40-250m, with a total of 1,500 linear meters. Continuous coring with 100% core recovery was achieved using wireline HQ core systems. The drilling work was carried out with various ACES drilling rigs including rigs that are designed and manufactured by ACES.

The main challenge of the investigation was coring of a 250m borehole, which is one of the deepest boreholes drilled by ACES-Dubai. The average drilling productivity per day exceeded 14m which allowed drilling the deep borehole in less than 3 weeks. Water based mud system was used to overcome major drilling challenges such as borehole instability and loss of water due to the highly fractured nature of the rock.

Boreholes that are over 200m deep are rare in civil engineering applications, and are mostly required for ultra-high towers and nuclear power plants. ACES has completed a number of deep borehole investigations in the region, including the Kingdom Tower (KSA), Burj Khalifa (Dubai) and several Nuclear Power Plants in the UAE and Jordan. Rig.jpg


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