ACES Amman Participate in the 6th Jordanian International Civil Engineering Conference.

25 Mar 2015
ACES Amman recently participated in several capacities in the 6th Jordanian International Civil Engineering Conference held in the Landmark Hotel, Amman, between 10th  and 12th March 2015. In addition to being one of the sponsors, Dr. Amjad Barghouthi (Regional Manager for Saudi Arabia & Jordan) was the head of the organizing committee whereas Dr. Naeem Abdulhadi (Deputy Group CEO) was a member of the committee. Moreover, a technical paper titled “Site Investigation for Kingdom Tower” coauthored by Dr. Naeem Abdulhadi and Eng. Emad Sherif (ACES-Dubai Manager) was presented in the conference. 
Dr. Naeem Abdulhadi gave the presentation on the “Site Investigation for the Kingdom Tower” in the geotechnical session in the conference. The paper/presentation described the comprehensive and integrated geotechnical investigation works carried out by Arab Center for Engineering Studies (ACES) for the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The height of the tower is expected to exceed 1,000m, which will make it the tallest building in the world. The site investigation was carried out in three phases and included 81 boreholes in which the deepest borehole was drilled down to 200m. Extensive field tests were carried out including permeability packer, high-pressure dilatometer, and PS suspension down-hole geophysics. The laboratory tests ranged from routine index and classification tests to more complex tests like instrumented unconfined compression and advanced consolidated drained triaxial tests. Comparisons between field and laboratory test results were presented.  
It is worth mentioning that ACES was also involved in the site investigation campaign for Burj Khalifa in Dubai (currently the tallest building in the world), as well as many other super-tall towers in the Arab World.
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