ACES –Jeddah is Awarded the King Abdul Aziz Road Project in Makkah, KSA

4 Nov 2012

ACES- Jeddah was recently awarded the geotechnical investigation for the King Abdul Aziz Road, KAAR PROJECT by  Umm Qura Development & Construction Company. Umm al Qura for Development & Construction Company is a joint stock company established for the purpose of the development, construction and operation of King Abdul Aziz Road Project (KAAR) in the heart of the Holy City of Makkah.  
The scope of work includes drilling  of 93 boreholes to depth of 20-30 meters below the existing ground surface,  excavation of 44 Trail Pits, Installation of Piezometers, Packer Testing, Pressure Meter Testing,  coring as well as  laboratory testing including sieve analysis, Plasticity Index Tests, UCS tests, Point Load Tests, Direct Shear Tests, Modified Proctor tests(Moisture-Density Relationship), Laboratory CBR Tests, Contamination Testing and Routine chemical tests for Soil and Water Samples.
The consultant of the project is ATKINS and the PMC PROJACS International KSA.

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